Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This year, I decided to do something a little different for Mother's Day. The kids and I picked up 4 clay pots at Wal-mart and spray painted them white. After the paint dried, my husband and I, along with our 3 kids put our thumb prints on each pot making the shape of a caterpillar. I then took a Sharpie marker and wrote "Happy Mother's Day" along the top and 2011 on the back. I drew a little face and legs on the caterpillar thumb prints. Now, I used ink thinking that you would see a better print than using paint, but if I did it again I would use paint. I feel like the ink just doesn't show up as well as paint would have. On the back I had each child put another thumb print which I made into either a face, spider, or butterfly. We then planted a pretty pink geranium in each pot and gave them to two Great-Grandmothers and two Grandmothers (who are also great). Overall it was a fun project for all!

(Sorry for the bad picture - you can barely see the thumb prints! By the way, that big, round thumb print is mine!)

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  1. These were darling ~ such a creative idea!! :) I love the catepillar thumb-print...too cute!